post-title How To Have Multiple Orgasms – For Men

How To Have Multiple Orgasms – For Men

How To Have Multiple Orgasms – For Men

How To Have Multiple Orgasms – For Men

While most men are too afraid to admit the truth, every guy, at least once in his life, has given a thought on how their orgasms compare to what the girls experience. However, statistics do show it’s easier for men to orgasm during sex or masturbation; the National Survey of Sexual Health and Behavior survey expressing over 91 percent of men claiming they climaxed during their last sexual encounter, compared with only 64 percent of women, but does that really make men the lucky gender?

To fully grasp the situation, what this information lacks, however, is the quality and quantity of their pleasurable release(s).

For women, sex with a capable partner, leads to multiple orgasms during foreplay and sex, while each can last over 20 seconds!

For the “lucky guys”, on the other hand? A 5 second mesmerizing moment, with a sticky cream puking dick, followed by a strong desire to nap, with a soft sad penis. Or a strong wave of guilt and despair, if you just masturbated, in front of a lot of stuff you have to clean, regretfully. Hurray.

It’s my sad duty to inform you that is what the reality is for guys. Unfair, isn’t it? Well, I’m not here just to remind you of how depressing your life is, or how sexist evolution was. There is a good news. A way you can also be like that blissful happy woman you envy.

And don’t worry, it doesn’t involve you losing your dick…

5 steps which can help you experience multiple orgasms in bed

Over the years, professional playboys and “alpha males”, have tried innovative techniques during sex to intensify the pleasure for them with orgasms, and actually figured out some techniques to intensify your sexual pleasure as a man, with multiple orgasms.

The technique is generally known as non-ejaculatory multiple orgasm, or NEMO (though that abbreviation may feel a little inappropriate given to a sensual and exciting sexual experience, for the millennial adults, but trust me, it’s really good. With an amazing ending. Just like the movie!). Although, these orgasms may not feel as intense as your usual climax one, but on the plus side, well, they’re multiple for a starter, they do not require a recovery period so you keep riding the joy, you can experience it without ejaculating, and, last but probably the best, they can be prolonged till over a minute!

Feel free to pinch yourself, this isn’t a dream anymore. However, what it does require is some practice, until you can fully enjoy this pleasant ride.

Time to hit the gym PC muscle

Don’t be scared, it’s not as hectic as strengthening your bicep to impress your neighbor crush, but the initial steps you need to take in order to work through to your multiple orgasms door.

Pubococcygeus (PC) muscle, which stretches from your pubic bone to the tailbone, is actually in control of your ejaculation. The best way to strengthen them is to indulge yourself in Kegel exercises, to control your orgasm and ejaculatory response in the spur of the moment.

For performing kegel exercises, you’d be focusing on contracting your PC muscle to prevent ejaculation, in a similar way you hold your pee in to avoid going to the dirty public toilet (if you’re one of those people, please use toilet papers and flush the toilet, it’s not that hard!). The best thing is, your exercises don’t require much preparation or time. You can literally do it while watching a TV! Instead of focusing on that boring series your wife wants you caught up on, focus on how you can make it more enjoyable and long lasting for her in the bed, if you master your early ejaculations.

Practice with your hand

Good things come to those who wait. The most important factors for better orgasms is patience and control. And that needs practice. The most common way is to involve in masturbatory practices and try your best to reach as close to the point of climax as you can, and at the verge of hitting orgasm halt it right there, preventing your ejaculation, by either letting go of your penis, diverting your thoughts somewhere else, or holding the top tight enough.  Repeat the process as many times as you can.

I know it sounds really teasing and anti-climatic, and it may lead to failures at the start, but with enough practice you’ll familiarize yourself with your own finish line that you do not need to cross, and ultimately, helping you attain multiple orgasms during sex, saving the ejaculation for the climax with an extremely pleasurable blow.

Ejaculation and Orgasms don’t go together anymore

Studies have found, men actually don’t experience orgasms upon ejaculation, but slightly before it. And that’s what we’ll be working on.

To practice it, return to the point where you’re at the verge of an ejaculation, and quickly press your PC muscle strong, like a long kegel hold, and you’ll notice your penis twitching with a delayed ejaculation, yet the orgasm you hit will be a couple seconds before the load!

YAY! You just discovered a gateway to separate ejaculations from orgasms! It may feel really weird at first, but once you keep the practice go on, you’ll find it a wonder to orgasm without spurting.

Practice makes perfect

While this may sound tempting and easy, practically, it can be a fuss. The efficiency of results vary different on each person. Some people can successfully entertain their first non-ejaculating orgasm within two weeks, while for the others, it may take a longer while, but it’s never impossible for anyone.

Another significant thing to note is that this is your sex life, and you should try to feel young again. Remember the old times when you’d hold your jizz but stroke your dick, again and again, taking breaks, looking at that porn magazine you found under your parents’ bed, but ejaculating would lead to a cleanup which you’re typically not a master at, and it may raise suspicion for your parents? Well, forget the suspicion part, and why your parents were looking at hot brunette babes at 40, but keep the young sense alive in mind.

All you need to is practice the same way, again and again, thinking as a teenager, while cumming is a no-no, and you’ll be a master at orgasms in bed in no time! Ready yourself to enjoy your next tight pussy Escort Cologne, at new lengths, at leisure, without blowing the load. Congratulations in advance!